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Travis & Magalie

About Travis (by Magalie):

Travis was born in California, but moved to Texas because everything is bigger in Texas.  Travis doesn’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. He never exaggerates. Travis is the best chef on earth – VIP have his number on speed dial in case of emergency truffle cravings. With the best palate, he is able to say exactly what tastes like what and duplicate any recipe. He also does not discriminate: he has eaten rat, baby beluga and dog. Travis invented the Harvey Wallbanger just because he liked the name. Travis has sailed the seas and seen the world. He has lived it up on luxury yacht and roughed it up in Asia. Travis is big in Japan. Travis’ power animal is the penguin, an animal whose scream is “penguin!”. Travis is so cool he doesn’t need hair. When Travis loves, he loves more than anyone else. He knows what he wants and will do anything to get it. Travis is shameless. He is the most patient person on earth. Travis never lets you doubt how he feels – he tells you and shows you. Travis will be the best husband ever because he does everything better than everyone. Travis thinks he’s a bad guy but has a heart of gold. Travis would give you his shirt. But remember, don’t mess with Texas. Because if you mess with Texas, Travis will get Chuck Norris to mess with you.

About Magalie (by Travis):

If you don’t know Magalie then you are missing out. It’s really that simple. She is an amazing woman who rarely thinks of herself first. Vancouver’s foremost drag king expert, she is even a published author on the subject. She is part globetrotting photographer, part home-body, part absolute hottie! If you bother her in the morning you will most likely be attacked by the pterodactyl. She has always wanted a horse to keep under her bed. The countless hours she spends looking through photos are the reason that she takes better pictures than you. Despite Travis’ expansive culinary knowledge Maggie tastes the wine first, because she has far superior taste buds.

She can drink like a man, party like a rock star, but still throws like a girl. She is selfless beyond reproach. Her sense of style is unique, edgy yet refined. She is very responsible… She is so responsible that if Travis declares bankruptcy she will pay what he owes (wow, now that’s responsible). She listens, and admits when she’s wrong. She can be persuaded and loves to try new things. All in all Maggie is the perfect woman.

How they met:

Both traveling through Asia and Australasia at the same time, in different directions and on different budgets, it must have been fate  that made them cross path in 2006. They met in a hostel room in Sydney, Australia and for Travis it was love at first sight. They had to part ways soon after meeting, but courtship continued across oceans. Later that year, Travis moved to Canada to be with Magalie, and the rest, well, is history!

The proposal:

Back in September 2008, on a trip to Seattle with friends, Travis found a ring on the sidewalk just across the road from a jewelry store. This was not just any ring, but a ring with probably the smallest diamond ever. Many jokes were made about the ring, and many theories were hatched as to how this ring ended-up on the sidewalk. But Magalie took to wearing the ring, and it became part of their story. On the evening of June 21st 2009, after Magalie’s return from a day trip to Seattle, Travis decided to pop the question. He knew that she always took of her ring when she showered, so while she wasn’t watching, he switched the Seattle ring for a new and better ring. He waited patiently in the bedroom for her reaction. As she went to put the ring on, she didn’t clue in right away as to what was happening. In fact, she stared at the ring for a few seconds thinking, wait a minute, this looks different… and then she clued in. She ran to the bedroom, and asked Travis “is this really how you’re doing this?” She realizes now that this was not the expected reaction, but this was also not your run-of-the-mill proposal. But she said yes, and once she got dressed, Travis proposed again, down on one knee.

the two rings
The two rings, side by side.

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  1. Kate Harrison permalink
    October 26, 2009 10:51 PM

    This is fantastic!!!! And so adorable!! 🙂

  2. April 1, 2010 6:03 AM

    I don’t know either of you, but I adore the blog and love the story 🙂

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