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A little more DIY

June 9, 2010

As you know, we did some do-it-yourself for the wedding, namely the save-the-dates and the invitations. One would have thought that I would have learned from my experience, but no, I had to get some more done for the wedding too.

Of course, I had to do the menu. Food is really important to us, so we couldn’t just have a boring plan ol’ menu. I designed it to match with our invitation design. I think that it came out pretty well! And I didn’t even have to do any cutting – Travis did it all for me us.

For some reason a lot of people getting married somewhere other than their home town like to hand out OOT bag – I don’t even know what it means, but basically it’s a goodies bag filled with stuff to thank the guests for coming. Quite often it’s filled with things that one would think people would pack – headache medication, sunscreen, band aids,  etc. I get the intent, but I think it’s silly and a money pit (like so many aspects of weddings! ha!). Anywho, we decided to skip it and do a thank you / welcome letter / time line instead. Funny thing – the cover design was inspired by an OOT bag that I say online! I really like how it came out, but the feedback was that it looked too professional and people just thought that it was hotel stuff and ignored it. Can’t win them all!


Then there was the straw flags. That was a crazy project – it came pretty close to beating out the STD. No, it didn’t take as much time, but. It had me printing these at work, then Travis cutting the outside, then me sitting in the room at Playa Fiesta cutting them one-by-one. At 1 in the morning. Then sticking them onto the straws (drinks) and toothpicks (cakes). What a silly way to spend your time! But it did turn out great and I really did like it – although I got made fun of for telling people what they should do with cocktails and cake. Note that I didn’t design these – it was a free download from an Australian magazine called Wedding Style Guide.

Finally, there was one last project. It was DIY-inspired, but one that we didn’t actually do, as the Playa Fiesta staff was nice enough to do it for us. I really loved this – and this is an easy and cheap way to decorate the ceremony site. Ribbons! At first Travis thought that I was crazy but then he saw the light!

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  1. June 13, 2010 3:09 PM

    You did an amazing job with all the do it your self details. I love the ribbons on the chairs, thank you for such amazing inspiration.

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